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LangFeng 6 big market operation advantages:

A strong supply chain security

LangFeng alcohol sales company is New Zealand LangFeng liquor companies in China area sales company, can rapidly adapt to the market demand changes in production, strong production mix -- - supply chain direct sales gain New Zealand winery synchronous support.

Huge brand prospect and development space

"New world" wine with more can adapt to Chinese consumers demand, more than 30% in growth potential.

Perfect management plan and strategy safeguard

LangFeng liquor will provide management to each of our total solution. Covers the market research, open market demand, and storefront overall design, staff recruitment and training, market start planning, promotion skills, marketing service skills, product storage, website support full thoughtful and perfect service, reflect LangFeng "join the concept of unconcerned".

Localized marketing team

LangFeng in Chinese mainland of China established a red wine market and development, market operation management operation and advanced marketing services are very understanding on the management of excellent wine professional marketing talent team, for brand success promotion laid solid foundation.

Market-based means of tempering

Don't do "one size fits all" rigid market management, strict cooperation standards, flexible market means, grasp the market, adapt to the market, do develop a market is successful one.

After the former store the personalized service

LangFeng powerful market supply and adaptiveness, can express the brand by the individualization packaging visual elements show to each customer, let consumers in tasting wine and enjoy the fun of vision. And further product individualization customization capability, make the products to a long culture, noble quality, colorful style and excellent value-added by more and more businesses, consumer identity and love.